Lidija Horvat

Scope of work

Lidija Horvat

Place and date of birth and education

I was born in Zagreb on October 20th, 1977.

I attended primary school in Zagreb from 1984 to 1992, when I enrolled into high school, German language gymnasium (XVIII. gymnasium) in Zagreb. I graduated from high school on the subject of Croatian, English, German language and history in 1996.

In the same year, I enrolled into Faculty of Law of the University in Zagreb, from which I graduated in 2001 and acquired title of Master of Law.

In 2009 I enrolled Doctoral study in Criminal law at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, within which I have so far passed all (23) exams. I have also published two expert and two scientific papers and approached the public defense of the doctoral thesis titled "Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment of Persons Deprived of their Liberty - the Croatian Experience in the Context of International Human Rights Standards", which I successfully defended before the Commission in September 2020.

For the purposes of writing doctoral dissertation, I personally interviewed a total of 266 respondents deprived of their liberty, who are serving prison sentences in Croatian penitentiaries and prisons, and now I am in the process of completing the research and writing the dissertation.

Professional experience

In January 2002, I started working in law firm „Nobilo and others”, where I worked as legal associate until 2005.

In November 2003, I passed the bar exam at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia. In April 2005, I enrolled into a directory of the Croatian Bar Association and continued working as a lawyer in law firm "Nobilo and others" with the revised law firm name now being called “Nobilo-Mlinarić”, until the end of 2006.

In December 2006, I continued law practice within the law firm "Martinovic, Adzic & Horvat" as a lawyer and partner of joint law firm at which cooperation lasted until August 2007, when I established my own law office and started practicing law independently.

I have been practicing as a lawyer for full 19 years, since my first associate job in January 2002 until today.

Activities besides legal practice

Outside of legal practice, I have also obtained duty as a permanent court interpreter for the English language in a 4-year term, appointed by the County Court in Zagreb in April 2003.

As a mentor, since 2012 I am holding workshops for students in substantive Criminal law and Criminal procedure law at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb.

Foreign languages

I fluently use oral and written English, including business English, as well as legal English which is a precondition for direct communication with courts outside Republic of Croatia, especially European Court of Human Rights and European Court of Justice.

I also use German in speech and writing, and would rate my knowledge as good.

Seminars, conferences and professional educations

  • XVIII regular Conference of Croatian Association for Criminal sciences and practice in Opatija, in December 2005, with the topic: ‘’Upgrade of the criminal law system in Croatia’’
  • XXI regular Conference of Croatian Association for Criminal sciences and practice in Opatija, in December 2008, with the topic: ‘’The new Croatian Code of criminal procedure’’
  • Consulting, Zagreb, Professional liability for damages, held at the Sheraton Hotel in May 2007
  • Seminar organized by the Judicial Academy - Ministry of Justice, held in “Tuheljske toplice” in November 2007, with the topic: "The organization and conduct of the hearing and the use of evidence in the context of the right to a fair trial in cases of war crimes"
  • February 2008 - December 2008 I was a holder of a scholarship for the "Training of lawyers on the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms", in the organisation of the Centre for Peace Studies Zagreb and Interights London with the support of the Government Office for Human Rights
  • from 20th to 25th September 2009 participant of "Sixth Regional Course in International Humanitarian Law" at the Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade
  • in September 2009 I enrolled into doctoral studies in Criminal sciences at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Law
  • in December 2009 lecturer with the topic “Investigative detention’’ at the XXII regular Conference of the Croatian Association for Criminal Law and Practice, with the topic ‘’A reform of the Croatian criminal legislation’’
  • in April 2011 as an introductory exhibitor I participated at the conference "The alignment of Croatian legislation and practice with the standards of the European Court of Human Rights" held in Zagreb
  • in September 2011 I participated at the conference "Actual issues of the new criminal legislation" in organisation of ‘’Inženjerski biro’’ in cooperation with the Supreme Court of the Republic of Croatia, held in Opatija
  • in December 2011 I participated at the XXIV regular Conference of the Croatian Association for Criminal sciences and practice in Opatija, topic: ''Closed and not yet opened chapters of the reform of the Croatian criminal legislature''
  • in November 2013 I attended a workshop organised by the international non-governmental organisation Fair Trials International from London, with the topic: ''Advanced rights of the defendance'', in Budapest
  • in December 2013 I attended the XXVI regular Conference of Croatian Association for Criminal sciences and practice in Opatija, topic: ''V. Novella of the Criminal procedure Act: a harmonization with the Constitution and the European standards''
  • in December 2014 I attended the XXVII regular Conference of Croatian Association for Criminal sciences and practice in Opatija, topic: ''Advancements of the Croatian legislature and case-law in context of the European criminal law''
  • in July 2015 I was a lecturer and mentor of the Croatian training team for young lawyers at the ''Practitioner Training on the Roadmap Directives'' in Budapest, in the organisation of the Far Trials International from London
  • in December 2015 I attended the XXVIII regular Conference of Croatian Association for Criminal sciences and practice in Opatija, topic: ''Croatian criminal law in gap between the stabilization of the case-law and legislature changes''
  • in April 2016 I attended a seminar at the Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik on topic: ''EU Substantive Criminal Law and protection of victims''
  • in November 2016 I attended a course ''Prison Law'' in New York, USA, in the organisation of Practising Law Institute from New York
  • 2016-2017 I participated as a member of the expert team on project “Strengthening of procedural guarantees of suspects and defendants in criminal procedures in the Republic of Croatia’’, in the organisation of the Croatian Legal Centre in cooperation with the Croatian Association for European Criminal law and the Croatian Association for Criminal sciences and practice
  • in March 2016 I participated at the annual Conference of Legal expert advisory Panel of the Fair Trials International, in Athens
  • in November 2017 and December 2018 I was a legal expert in three extradition cases before the Magistrates’ Court and High Court of Justice, Queen’s Bench Division, of Croatian citizens from the United Kingdom to the Republic of Croatia
  • January 2018 I participated at the training organised by the Fair Trials International, with the topic: ''Advancing the Defence Rights of Children'', at University of Leiden, Netherlands
  • November 2018 I participated in education "Jud-IT, transnational judicial training workshop - judicial cooperation in criminal matters and electronic IT data in the EU", organized by European University Institute and Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies in Florence
  • April 2019 I participated at International conference"Integration of Europan Public Prosecutor Office into national criminal justice: institutional, process and cooperation challenges" in organization of HUKZP and OLAF, held in Zagreb, Westin hotel
  • June 2019 I presenter at round-table discussion "Presumption of innocence and process rights of accused in Croatia" held at Croatian Bar Association, in organization of House of human rights ("Kuća ljudskih prava ")
  • November 2019 I have participated at XX international congres of penal law in Rome, in organization of AIDP (Association Internationale De Droit Pénal) with a topic "Criminal justice and corporate business"
  • December 2019 I have participated at XXXII regular Conference of Croatian Association for Criminal sciences and practice in Opatija, topic: ''Strenghtening the efficiency of criminal proceeding by applying the standards of European Court of Human Rights''
  • December 2020 I have participated at XXXIII regular Conference of Croatian Association of Criminal Sciences and Practice, topic: “Exchanging knowledge, experience and ideas in criminal sciences and criminal justice in conditions of “new normal”, Zagreb,

  • Publication of scientific papers and articles

    • in the journal "Odvjetnik" („Lawyer“) no. 7-8 / 10 from 2010. I published expert article "Provisions on confiscation of property gain according to the latest amendments to the Criminal Code".
    • in the "Croatian Yearbook for Criminal law and practice“, vol. 16, no. 2/2009, I published expert article "Pre-trial Detention".
    • in "Hrvatska pravna revija", no. 5/2018, year XVIII, published by "Inženjerski biro", I published scientific paper "Implementation of Framework decision (2002/584/PUP) on European arrest warrant with special reference on Statute of limitation"
    • in the "Croatian Yearbook for Criminal law and practice", vol. 25, no. 2/2018 I published scientific paper "Procedural safeguards for children who are suspects or accused in criminal proceedings according to Directive EU/2016/800"

    Membership in organizations and associations:

  • Regular member of Croatian Association of Criminal Sciences and Practice
  • Member of non-government organization Fair Trials International with headquarters in Bruxelles, also a member of advisory committee of the same organization

  • Political activities:

  • I am not a member of any political party.

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